About us

Studio 7 Yoga is a boutique studio that blends the practices of Yoga and Barre. The Studio was founded in August of 2016, through Katia’ Hofheins’ love and desire to share a lifestyle of health, community and healing.

Katia’ yoga journey began in 2002 when she attended her first class in hopes to increase her flexibility as a runner.  While her initial interest in attending a yoga class was casual, Katia’ was surprised how easily she fell in love with yoga. After months of consistent practice, she began to notice the amazing benefits of yoga to not only her body, but also her mind.  As Katia’ delved deeper into her practice and the history/philosophy of yoga, this lead to her to enroll in a month long 200 RYT certification, with Jennifer Lynn and Tom Machado of Wisdom Flow, on the beautiful island of Maui. Shortly after her Yoga Alliance certification, Katia’ went on to study Meditation in Phuket, Thailand and has been fortunate to teach yoga in Thailand, and Central America.

In 2011 her sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. Katia’ spent as much time as she could with her Sister; through chemotherapy and reconstructive surgery and as her Sister found her way back to harmony. She knew that there must be something that she could do to help others who were recovering from illness and pain. Her motivation to teach Yoga full-time, was fueled by her desire to understand the healing properties of yoga; and how it could potentially assist with pain and movement through Cancer recovery, Fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis to name a few.

Katia’ discovered Barre in an effort to incorporate diversity in her fitness routine, which at the time was NPC Bikini fitness competitions. After much research and attending many barre classes, Katia’ found a barre method that connected for her and began designing/teaching her own classes.

Katia’ comes from a blend of French/German/Polynesian roots and was raised by a Polynesian mother who was also an NPC Bikini and Physique athlete at 54. In addition to this she was surrounded by 4 amazing siblings, who helped shape the person that she is today.

In addition to her fitness certifications, Katia’ studied at Portland State University; BA in Health Sciences.

Katia’ is grateful and honored for the opportunity to teach Yoga and Barre and share her love and passion for both practices with others in the welcoming and loving environment she has created at Studio 7Yoga.